What to do When Your Computer Feels Slow

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Nowadays people use their computer to do everything, starting playing games, working on their work or assignments and even shopping for groceries or specific products. So, it’s pretty typical for a person to have either a laptop or a CPU, depending on what they need. But sometimes there are problems we might face when using our computer, and one of the problems is that it might feel slow or sluggish at times. Don’t worry as we’re going to help you. In this article we have given out some tips on what to do when your computer feels slow, if your computer feels sluggish, consider giving these tips a try.


SoftwareDo you have an antivirus installed on your computer? If the answer is no, then your computer is in a significant threat as it is exposed to virus and malware. So many people underestimate the importance of anti-virus, and if you care about your files and personal information, we suggest you invest in one. There are many brands of anti-virus out there so make sure to do some research before you spend in one.

Tip: At the same time, avoid visiting sketchy websites as there’s a huge chance that the site is a nest for anti-virus and malware.

Delete Unused Files

Another tip from us is to make sure that you delete unused files. Perhaps you have an assignment from your first semester, photos of your ex, or games that you don’t play anymore, and those are the things you have to delete from your computer. Although some of those files might seem small, it will eventually burden your computer.

Clean Your CPU

FanIf you have a CPU, you do realize that your computer usually has a big case, and when you’re running the pc for a long time, it might accumulate dust inside your CPU. Believe it or not, when there’s a lot of dirt inside your CPU it might hinder performances and at the same time can cause your computer to heat up even faster, so you might want to do a deep cleaning once every six months.

Install Separately

Most people installed their software and games on the same hard disk, but don’t do this especially when you’re low on the hard drive. Make sure to install necessary software such as browsers and editing software on C drive. Meanwhile, games and other applications can go to the D Drive.…