Essential Tech Things for College Students

As a high school student, you might think that there’s a rule that binds you to the ground, especially the no smartphone rule. But as you grow up, there’s a chance that you’re going to college, depending on your preference and financial situation. As you’re going to college, there’s a huge chance you’re going to live in a dorm if it’s far away from where you live. In this article, we have listed some essential tech things that are perfect for you college students. If you’re curious about what those tech things are, consider reading more to know about the products.


No matter where you go, you’re going to need to have a laptop. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one or a gaming one, but make sure to get one that can handle your assignments or editing software, depending on your major. Although smartphones are great, it can never beat the power and flexibility a laptop can give, and not to mention it’s plug and play so you won’t have any trouble on setting it up. A tip from us is to get a mouse so you won’t hurt your hands by using the trackpad all the times.


There’s a chance that you might live somewhere far and you have to commute since living in a dorm can be very expensive. If so, you’re going to need headphones when you’re commuting on the train or a bus. There are many headphones out there and be it wired, or wireless make sure to pick that you like and fits your budget. Having headphones is great to spend the time listening to music, watching videos or playing a game through your smartphones.

Portable Power Bank

PortableIf you hate running out batteries during emergency moments, make sure to get a portable power bank. These handy little devices can charge your smartphone or even your wireless headphones, and they are good to go anytime you need it. There are many types of portable power banks out there and make sure to choose the big ones as they can charge for a lot of times, the only downside is that it might take a long time to charge it so don’t forget to do so.

Tip: There’s a portable power bank that can even charge laptops, you might want to invest in one even though they are much more expensive than regular portable power bank.