Bill Harpley

Bill Harpley

Founder, Astius Technology

Bill Harpley has more than three decades of experience in Electronics, IT and Mobile Telecoms. He has worked as a consultant for many blue-chip companies in both the UK and continental Europe.

In recent years, Bill has been at the vanguard of promoting innovation and business change within his local community. In 2014, Bill founded Astius Technology, a pioneering digital technology consultancy based in Brighton, UK. Its aim is to makes the tools of Digital Transformation available to SMEs, micro-enterprises and the public sector. 

Bill is the founding member of a community based IoT network  called the Brighton Everynet. It’s a volunteer initiative which is inspired by the global Things Network ( The aim is to build a LoRaWAN network across the Greater Brighton region of the South coast.  A rich community data set then can emerge, for use in schools, businesses, universities and public sector organisations.

Bill is also the founder and leader of the very popular Brighton IoT Forum and Brighton Wireless meetup groups.